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Custom Color Latex

Molded Latex

Unique Bridal

Full Costume Design & Building


We always ask ourselves "Is it ExxEss enough?" If not, we keep building.


We offer more color options then you ever even dream of. From beautiful sheet latex from around the world to our very own custom blended natural latex sheeting.


Sparking creations and inspiring the imagination. A new way to let art speak for you and about you.


Over 20 years working as a professional artist  &  plenty of imagination.

About ExxEss Latex

 We love latex. Pure and simple. The only thing more amazing then this lovely material is its limitless possibilities.  We enjoy sharing our unique view with what we build. From a simple accessory,  you can wear in your everyday life,  to creating a complete alter ego for you, every piece is your own personal work of art.

ExxEss Latex
Latex Wearable Art

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